Company - Doctor Rosa Gualtieri's Gurò s.a.s originates in Sicily in 1997. The Company, in Just a few years, has become an important agency both nationally and internationally, becoming one of the best diagnostic medical and health agency suppliers in all of the nation. The company specializes in the development of formlas and the production of gels and pastes for electromedical machinery, such as ECO - ECG - EEG - EEM - EP - Doppler etc, diagnostics.


Infact, it has years of experience in the formula-production development and packaging. It also produces product for third-person parties. The company is fully equipped whit the most modern machinery, highly qualified personnel that are constantly updated. The company is in continuous collaboration with the best supplirs to assure its clients the most qualified standards that are known today.


The company as research, development and microbiology laboratories highly qualified personnel to guarantee significant assistance in project development areas, as well as prompt technical consultation. Its policy is too guarantee its clients the best service so that they can reach theyr commercial objectives.


Gurò, certified since 1998, according to UNI ENI ISO 9001:2008/UNI EN ISO 13485, and his certified according to the directive CE 93/42., functions with the production Standards imposed by law. Appling a policy that guarantees quality, Gurò constantly updates its managerial and production procedures so that its clients are completely sartisfied, and optimizes any type of technical our commercial relationship.


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